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How Restaurants can come back to business after Covid-19?

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Precautionary measures restaurants must take during Covid

Food industry has been globally hit by the pandemic which in India holds the economic value of ₹4,23,865 crore. Let us discuss twelve measures which can help restaurants to bounce back soon into the business with full safety measures!

1. Packaging with creativity

See the level of details mentioned on the package in the picture. Restaurants have displayed features such as the temperature of the staff involved in the process and proper instructions on the handling of the package. Don’t forget the mini-sanitizer attached to the package!

Isn’t it creative enough to get the attention of the consumers looking for the transparency? Such out of box ideas would be required to gain back the customers loyalty during as well as post-COVID.

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2. Measuring temperature contactless

Do the chef and delivery staff’s thermal screening before handing over the food for the delivery using an IR contactless thermometer. It is available in the range of Rs 1000-5000.

3. LCD Display of the restaurant kitchen

Every big restaurant faces a crisis of winning the hearts of their beloved customers. It is not hard to understand the trust issues consumers are suffering from due to the highly infectious virus. One of the ways by which the Food industry can address the point is to display the kitchen process on the LCD TV or a Tab in the dining area or outside the restaurant. Why fear when you have your standard procedures at your place? Let’s show it to consumers!

4. Social distancing measures

Employ social distancing or maintain approximately 6 feet between the staff. Make a systematic transfer of food between the chef and the waiter by a process. For example, placing the food through a window or on a table to be picked up by the waiter.

5. Design change for drive thru and pick up option

Restaurants will need a design change for the Pick-up window options so the customers can take away their orders while driving back home.

6. Plastic Divide

It is unlikely that customers will bounce back to dine-in for the next 4-6 months. However, humans are social animals who like to socialize outside. So, restaurants need to be prepared for the future. Restaurants will have to make a few changes in the dining arrangements like a plastic divider.

7. Flexibility in the reservation for dine-in

Put out your restaurants for table reservations on the apps so customers can make the reservations. Make the whole system flexible for the customers.

8. Give coupon online or on phone with pick-up time to avoid queue

Estimate the time of the food preparation and accordingly specify the timing for the pick-up. It will not only reduce the queue but also provide the customer’s convenience to plan their drive for the pick-up.

9. Ready to Eat Items

Believe it or not, it has been difficult for all of us to balance household chores while working from home. We all have craved for the delicious food in the lockdown. It is the perfect time for the restaurants to expand their ready to eat packed items prepared using the chef’s expertise. Who knows something tasting heavenly comes out of it?

Did you know? During world war II when there was a shortage of rice the famous MTR restaurant introduced Rava Idli to compensate the customer delight and the popularity of this Rava Idli went into history as one of the most innovative instant food favoured till date by millions.

10. Automatic contact-less sanitizer dispensers

Take extra care on safety and hygiene precautions by installing automatic contact-less sanitizer dispensers in your restaurant. It should be used frequently by the staff!

Sanitizer should contain a 60- 70% concentration of ethanol. If you want to produce sanitizer locally at your place, then follow the instructions given by WHO. We have put the link below the picture.

11. Disinfect frequently touched surfaces

Disinfect commonly touched surfaces including tables, chairs, utensils, POS system, gate, billing machine.

High contact surfaces such elevator buttons, handrails / handles and call buttons, escalator handrails, public counters, intercom systems, equipment like telephone, printers/scanners, and other office machines should be cleaned twice daily by mopping with a linen/absorbable cloth soaked in 1% sodium hypochlorite as per the ministry of health and family welfare.

There are advanced disinfection systems present in the market, like Rapi-G costing around Rs 200, which is developed through research. It immediately releases chlorine dioxide gas when mixed with the water as prescribed, which can be used for the fumigation of the dining room and the kitchen daily.

Precautionary measures restaurants must take during Covid

12. Make masks compulsory!

Last but not least, check everyone entering the restaurant wears a mask covering the nose and mouth properly.

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