Sunday, September 19

About Us


“We are shaping the future of the brick and mortar stores by sharing
knowledge of the retail industry”

Our Story

RetailGyan is the omnichannel platform that strives to solve one of the toughest
challenges of the unorganized retail industry that is the absence of quality knowledge and information.

We bring valuable information about industry developments, technological
awareness, business opportunities, potential threats of the future, policy & regulation changes. Retail Gyan verifies the information through reliable sources and retail experts before bringing it to our readers.

Our information published here is in the interest of the offline retail stores.

The Road Ahead

We are focused on empowering brick and mortar stores by industry leadership
series, creating technological awareness among retailers, sharing industry’s best
practices, collaborating with the start-ups, and conducting case -studies.


We would make “Impossible” be “Possible” by doing something which has never
been done before for the unorganized retail sector. We brainstorm and come up with
different ideas to help small retailers to grow their business.